Everyday Therapy Podcast


Tune in to hear therapists having honest conversations about emotional wellness and self-development.


We ask experts and influencers about their personal mental and emotional journeys and share ours. Inspired by our journey in therapy as the clinician and client, we realize therapy has so much to offer on and off the couch.

Everyday Therapy Podcast’s mission is to inspire mental and emotional wellness into your everyday life with stories and tools to navigate all the experiences life throws your way. 

Your Co-Hosts

Jacy Rader & Julianne Schroeder are Licensed Professional Counselors, Registered Yoga Teachers, (and yes, best friends) who are are about sharing and helping take therapy off the couch and into your #everydaytherapy life.

Jacy Rader, LPC, RYT

Jacy Rader, LPC, RYT

Julianne Schroeder, LPC, RYT

Julianne Schroeder, LPC, RYT


"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

-Vincent Van Gogh



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